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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation

We handle a large and varied litigation case load, including civil, criminal, family and probate cases, and a wide range of administrative hearings. Certain cases regrettably limit themselves to litigation, and in those cases, we believe in getting the case before the judge or jury as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said, the court system is slow, expensive and unpredictable. We therefore encourage clients to use “alternative dispute resolution” (negotiation, mediation and arbitration) whenever it poses a practical alternative. We regularly appear before all state and federal courts in the State of Vermont, and before many of its administrative agencies.

Attorneys Experienced in Civil & Commercial Litigation



Rob has been an attorney since 1985, giving him deep knowledge in a variety of areas. Rob is experienced in AdministrativeAppealsCivil & Commercial LitigationCriminal DefenseDUIFamilyGovernmentJuvenileProfessional LicensingNeighbor Disputes and Traffic Offenses.